An experienced team at Istiqlal Hospital provides the best comprehensive medical care for each patient from adolescence to fertile age and age of hope and even for years after the age of hope to use the latest equipment and the highest clinical standards in surgeries, gynecology, oncology, reconstructive surgery and obstetrics.


Diagnostics and treatment of preventive and diagnostic gynecological diseases:

Early diagnosis is the primary factor for effective treatment in all types of gynecological diseases.

At Al-Istiklal Hospital we offer a wide range of routine examinations and diagnostic services, including laparoscopy examination for cancer and other diseases, in Istiklal Hospital clinics we make sure that all women have a cervical biopsy (PAP) examination at least once a year, gynecological examinations, ultrasound and scanning techniques. For breast cancer.

The High Risk Pregnancy Clinic uses the latest technologies and devices to treat bleeding associated with gynecological diseases, diseases of the reproductive system, disorders of the sexual process and ovarian cysts.
In addition to preventive campaigns such as cervical cancer, which is caused by the virus (HPV).